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Promotion Example

WebDecoder® technology conceals a hidden message or image that can be revealed using a unique chromatic decoding image on a web site, TV, kiosk, large screen displays, or a POP display. The WebDecoder® game piece is decoded by the consumer by placing the game piece over a specific colored image that allows the message to be revealed. Although able to work through various mediums, the core of the WebDecoder technology drives consumers to either go to a client’s booth or event or to a specific location. Response rate have ranged from 10% to 35%.


Visa Debit Traffic Builder

Promotion Example

Client Industry: Software

Promotion Objectives: Introduce our client’s software technology to CIO’s of retailers, quick serve restaurants, hotels etc.

Plan: Since we are marketing to retail type businesses we wanted to have a look and feel of a retailer. We sent out a digitally printed promotion piece, personalized with a Visa Debt Card. We promoted the key advantage of our clients software and that there was $10 to $1000 on your Wild Card debt card. But, you have to come to our both to have it activated. Over 40% of the people we mailed to came by our clients booth.


MobiDecoder™ Game Piece

Promotion Example

The consumer views marketing message from a direct mail piece, a billboard, a handout, digital sign, banner, voice announcement or other trade show advertising medium. They are directed to send a simple SMS text message and keyword from their cell phone to a short code (e.g. send Win to 75309).

The SMS gateway server sends a text message back to the consumers phone indicating what or if they won by clicking on a web link at the bottom of the text message. Once the link is clicked, the Digital Game Piece is displayed on their mobile phones browser. The MobiDecoderTM hidden message is revealed once the phone is placed behind a counter card or POP display at the booth or event location.


Booth Display


  • Promotion ExampleWe provide counter-top, floor or attachable POP to allow customers to decode their LithoDecoder™ circulars or FSI at their retail location.
  • Customers simply place the printed LithoDecoder™ circular or FSI behind the decoding display and the messages are instantly revealed.
  • Adds a fun and interactive promotional element to your marketing campaign.


Traffic Prize Insurance

Promotion Example

Improve your returns on trade show marketing with a show-stopping promotion and a grand prize covered by insurance. We can help you customize a promotion that generates excitement, draws booth traffic, differentiates you from the competition, and produces results while keeping you on budget. Insurance covers your grand prize from $10,000 up to $1 million or more, for just a fraction of the prize value. When you have a winner, we give you the money to award the grand prize.

Visible Vault™ is a sure bet for drawing traffic to your booth and maximizing your exposure to potential customers. Each contestant will attempt to break the code by entering a number into the keypad. If the right combination is entered, the vault will open and the contestant wins the prize featured inside. Offer $10,000, keys to a new car, airline tickets for a dream vacation, or any item that fits your promotion. Learn more...

JackPot™ Machine This portable, promotional slot machine brings the excitement of a casino to your booth. You can entice every attendee to pull the handle and win the grand prize. Flexible programming allows for controlled distribution of prizes and/or special offers. Customize the machine’s graphics and reel symbols to give emphasis to new products or services. Grand prize coverage is available from $10,000 to $1 million or more. Learn more...

Lucky Six Pix™ Lotto Distribute our Lucky Six Pix tickets, which have six scratch off stars, in your pre-show marketing piece or in the attendee bags. Behind each star is a randomly selected number between 1 and 36. Post the winning numbers in your booth, in your store after the show, or on your website. The attendee whose card has all the winning numbers wins the grand prize. Offer secondary prizes for matching fewer than six numbers. Learn more...

Swipe-2-Win/Scan-2-Win™ Build your customer database and capture valuable demographic information. Attendees swipe a card with a magnetic strip (or scan a barcode) to see if they are an instant winner. You can also use Swipe-2-Win / Scan-2-Win as an entry vehicle to any customized kiosk game. Learn more...

Swipe-2-Win Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep used SCA’s Swipe-2-Win kiosk at the Texas State Fair to drive traffic to their dealerships and collect customer demographic information. Attendees swiped their driver's license at the kiosk, which printed a coupon with their unique number. They then visited a participating dealership to see if their number matched the posted winning number for $1 million. Over 1,000 people per day swiped their license, for a total of over 25,000 people. The customer information collected helped increase the database of local dealerships.

An exhibitor wanted to gain exposure and create buzz around their booth at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) show. Using a number match promotion, attendees came to the booth and swiped their driver’s license. If the last seven digits matched the winning number SCA selected, the company would award a $1 million prize. The company collected demographic information from several hundred new contacts.