Marnie Trainor, Trainor Printing                                                                                                 

She has sold two coupon card fundraisers in her first 90 days as a Reseller. She earned $10,000 from these two sales

Bob Bruning, Bruning Graphics and Promotions

  • Sold a $20,000 sales contest 
  • Won a $15,000 QSR Collect Game Sale
  • Won  gift with purchase promotion with a cable company
  • Won a coupon card program to a large salon franchise

TCC, Ad Agency

  • Won a $3 million Consumer Collect and Win game promotion
  • Won a $225,000 CStore Scratch Card Game Promotion
John Lascelles, Corporate Attire
Won a $65,000 employee recognition program using Ted's Exclusive awards platform
Dave Hobbing, Proforma

Won a $40K appointment generation program for an alarm company using Ted's Exclusive gift card program.

April Thomas, Panda Promotions

Won a $75,000 Fundraiser using Ted's Exclusive OPOLY Program

Bernie Maopolski, One Point
  • Won a $75,000 Fundraiser using Ted's Exclusive OPOLY Program
  • Won a Bank Direct Mail Program of $30,000Won A Gift with Deposit Program of $10,000

Derek Miller, Proprinters
  • Won five $20,000 direct mail program
  • Won a $30,000 referral program
  • Won a $25,000 bank promotion using Ted's exclusive web promotion         
  • Ted is the best. I have sold several programs thanks to Ted that will bill over $300,000 in 2010

Rob Sheldon, ABC Specialtees

Won a $8,000 trade show Sale from TEAM SELL

Todd Zaseck, Ad Link Promotions

Won a $9,000 Trade Show Promotions from TEAM SELL

Bill Simon, Id Builders

 Won a gift with purchase with a HVAC retail business
Bill Harrington, the Promo Agency
Won a gift with purchase promotion with a furniture retailer
Peggy O'Donnell  
  • Sold gift card  program as an incentive to buy a car
  • Sold a second car dealer a gift card program

Oliver Gagnon Ink Element

In the last two weeks…

-          Sold a nice size Braman Gift Card order  with a 50% margin
-          Sold (2) promotions from MIAB with Jody’s help
-          Closed on a Scan-2-Win direct mail promotion from SCA which will bill over 100K at a 47% margin
-          Closed on a Dimensional Mail “Lead Generation” campaign for a B2B company for 26K at 65% Margin
I have proposals out to clients for
-          Fluidmaster (180K – 500K)
-          Traffic Ticket (25K) – We discussed supplying just printing for the agency.
-          Mobi Decoder Promotion (15 K)
-          Net Decoder Promotion (110 K)
-          Net Decoder Promotion (23 K)
-          Litho Decoder Promotion (38 K)
-          Scan-2-Win from SCA (60 K)
-          Mobile Marketing Promotion from Gotcha (7 K)
-          Money Bags Promotion (4 K)
The best part is that I have no competition selling these ideas and my margins are above 40% on most projects. Q4 is shaping up to be a great one.
Again, thank you for the great ideas and your continued help. I’ve been giving you quite a few good reviews from distributors who call me to ask about your services, but felt I should send you a quick note. The one and only thing that holds me back from selling more is generating additional meetings. There just isn’t enough time in the day. These ideas really sell themselves. Thanks.

Gail Deleede Active XL Promotions 

OK.  I really do try hard not to use the "Fun" word much . . . and I hate to be unladylike . . . but you were fun' amazing. I learned more by listening to you during that meeting than I have learned in any sales seminar, focus group, etc. etc.  About 30 minutes in - when David brought-up the cost comparison of the Traffic Ticket pieces vs. scratch-offs and he questioned the mindset of the consumer to place more value on the Traffic Ticket, I thought it was only a matter of time before he was going to say "Thanks - but no thanks". But you very slowly and methodically turned him around.  All of the sudden David's questions made it apparent that he "got it" . . . and not only did he get it, but it now sounds like he wants it.  It was huge learning experience for me.

Jon Schernikau Bob Stephens & Associates


I am so out of my comfort zone right now and I LOVE IT – you just added unlimited value to my relationship with the customer.
They liked everything, but the areas where we hit it big, Incentive Program for Distributors (Rep Firm and Sales guy), Web Traffic, and Trade Show incentive were HUGE.
I had a sample of the Braman Gift card, Shawn loved it.  Wants to do a custom sleeve.
They loved the webdecoder for trade shows.
They have spent thousands on their website, but obviously, you could tell they are not tracking or pushing people there.
Having Shawn there was HUGE – and you lured him in.
Value-added Promotional Marketing.  My Tag line.  
And this was from a customer whom I thought had potential, once you taught me how do dig a little deeper, with the right tools handy once I struck something good.

Doug Dobbe, Strategies LTD
Sold an exclusive direct mail program of Teds-$20,000

Todd Diskin, Embroidme
Won a $60,000 employee and customer incentive program  using Ted's Exclusive awards platform 

Jim Graf, Technigrafic Solutions
Won a $150,000 Dealer Sales Contest from several sales contest webinars

Sandy Goldsworthy, PACQ INC.
Won a $150,000 referral program from the referral program webinar in the program

Christopher Van, Vista Marketing
Sold a $100,000 project thanks to the webinar on how to interview a marketing manager and TEAM SELL

John Calache, Custom Prints
"You have helped me land several large contracts with orders well over $20,000.  I know the value of your programs and will continue working with you."

Lyman Rose, Creative Promotions
"Sold a $30,000 bank traffic promotion using one of Ted's exclusive promotions."

Jose Martinez, Grand Incentives
"Sold a $200,000 bank traffic promotion using one of Ted's exclusive promotions."

Steve Taylor, Promo Company
"Sold a sales contest from the sales contest webinar I took from Ted's program."

MIke Beckman, Proforma-BPM
"As a veteran industry speaker, I need to let you know Ted is the best in the business. If you want to grow your sales, then he is your coach. He is second to none."

Mary Barnett, Another Brilliant Idea
"Sold a $100,000 text promotion

Jeremy Duplissey, Time Right Promotions
"Sold a $30,000 Virtual Promotion to a major electronics retailer

Mark Murac, Verified Label
"I was able to get several appointments with safety managers thanks to Ted's prospecting program webinars and I landed a $100,000 safety program sale thanks to his safety program webinar and materials that come with it."

Sherry Sklar, Ebner Design
"Ted turned me on to selling bigger sales and one of his exclusive ideas helped me land a $40,000 incentive sale."

Sarah Eastburn, Bob Lilly Professional Promotions
"Ted's program helped me sell a new web promotion which I would not have sold if it was not for his Exclusive Ideas."

Ralph A. Schrank, Strategies LTD
"It’s been almost six months since we’ve been a Reseller. Here’s what happened in the interim. AIG has been bailed out to the tune of billions. Wall Street has been bathed in blood. GM and Chrysler will soon declare bankruptcy. Most banks are on their knees and Strategies is doing quite nicely thank you! We attribute this to you and your Master Sales Club."

"Today, clients want, no make that need, instant return on their promotional investments. The programs and incentive products you offer are so very relevant to the marketplace reality. I shudder to think how we would be doing without the program.

"As you know I was a tough sell. Having logged almost 40 years in the Promotional Products business.  I’ve had my share of success. I wondered what a guy called “Bump” could teach me. In a word  - TONS!"

"Thanks Ted for your professionalism, persistence, and putting profits to Strategies bottom line."

Jason Mallin, The Garage Promotional Group
"Our company has exploded over the past two years and we're already beating our sales projections for 2009!  When I met you we were hovering in the $180k sales range and this year we're set to go over $500k with margins averaging 38%."

"Your program helped me to understand this business and, even better, how to make money in it! With your help, I tightened the reins on the clients I was pursuing. Instead of spending 80% of my time prospecting to the wrong accounts and closing minimal sales, I learned to select accounts that could purchase $10,000+ per sale. You taught me to really appreciate my strengths and be a consultative partner to my clients all while learning to sell big, exclusive ideas."

Jeff Fleck, Creative Edge
"Since joining the program in May of 2008 my sales have increased over $140,000."

Jim Nixson III, The Vernon Company
"After 30 years of selling promotional products, I had to do something different if I wanted to achieve more. One demo webinar with Ted and I was hooked on what he was offering. It’s simply a better way of selling that helps protect margins while increasing my professional image to clients and prospects. Ted offers insights into not only unique, top selling programs based on his 1,000+ case studies, but also the “nuts and bolts” of what it is to be a professional. Ted’s program addresses all aspects of sales—from goal creation to defining what customers you want to territory management and sales planning. Ted helps to concisely put together who you are striving to be and gives you a map on how to get there. With Ted’s help, I am becoming a complete salesperson. I am truly in Ted’s debt for all he has done for me, my family, and my career. As a bonus my sales grew from $500,000 to over $575,000 that year!"

Fred & Suzette Albrecht, Proforma Albrecht Co.
"We have had Ted work with several of our sales representatives over the last 12 months. Everyone that he has coached has learned from Ted how to analyze their business, develop a 5 year business plan and sell larger projects to buyers with the budget to buy. Those reps who are working with Ted have increased their business by over 28%. He is working with our industry veterans who sell over a million dollars as well as those aspiring to be Million dollar producers. We also hired Ted to help us learn to be better coaches to our sales reps. We can honestly say this recommendation has come totally unsolicited and we approve this message!!!! "

Joan Greene, Greene & Associates
"If you are hesitating for one second on becoming part of the program, I strongly urge you not to delay any longer. "

"I have been a Distributor for over 20 years and am the first to admit that I do not know everything. Things change, new programs come out and to be successful one must always be investing in education."

"Let me put it into financial perspective for those of you who may be wondering if you can afford the program. My investment of $1500 (broken out over 12 months) allowed me the opportunity to present a safety program worth $200,000. I can honestly say that it wouldn't have happened without being a part of the program."

"You may have tried other people's programs, listened to the tapes and become discouraged that you weren't further along in your business.  The difference with Ted Davies, Jr., The program, hat he provides learning webinars. The webinars allow you to participate and ask questions, learn from other members, PLUS Ted provides you with real life programs that you can use by themselves or tailor for your own needs. Every week you receive an email from Ted with a program or a result that you can use."

"If you are not interested in making money this is not the program for you. For everyone else, welcome aboard, I look forward to meeting you on one of the many webinars."

Jim Graf, Technigrafic Solutions, Inc.
"I just wanted to give you some feedback on the program and the successes I'm having so far."

"I followed your advice to create an out of the box dimensional direct mail campaign with your prospect letters and newsletters I get with the program. Since the beginning of October I have shipped 30 or so packages to prospects. From my subsequent follow-ups I have generated about 13 new appointments, 2 second appointments and an estimated 2-3 that I will be working with. Sales should be well over $100,000 from 3 of the Exclusive Ideas you offer in the program. Also, I'm to follow-up with 3 of the others that I have presented to. I'm still working on contacting a handful or so that haven't responded to my VMs as I'm working into the 5th & 6th calls. Like you said it takes about 7 dials to get someone on the phone."

"From the looks of it I see the program as an overwhelming success. When I close one sale the program will pay for itself 25-50 times over. As you know my background was a top real estate producer and I have taken many training courses over the years. But none of them come close to the content and the sales tools you offer."

"Thanks for creating such a terrific program. I believe I'm going to have an incredible '09!"

Curtis Uejo, Albrecht & Company
"Here is an update on what I've been working on the last month as a result of the program."

"Won Character marketing pitch thanks to your webinar and your newsletter. Sold ownership to client for website & collateral and will produce 1000 – 2500 pieces of custom train set."

"Pitched your exclusive incentive program to new prospect I didn't even know - left 1 message and prospect called back. I pitched a safety incentive program to Director of Safety – conference call with your exclusive incentive partner - client was "wowed" and running it by Safety Committee. They were looking for something automated & were tired of the old apparel & ad specialty items - employees were losing interest. Minimum $ per month is $5-6k to start and they want to get HR & sales to consider using this site. Could be $100k /year acct."

"From your consultative selling and calendar webinars I called an existing account where I usually only talk w/ their admin people. Went to the Sales Manager and found they wanted to start a calendar program......they were going to use a direct importer that services the retail market directly and they would have to imprint each calendar themselves by gluing on a strip of info. I pitched all the FREE things they would get w/ Norwood and they're interested. It's a complete "co-op" adv. program that their factories will fund. This could be a very big sale year after year."

"Pitched 2 "dining card" online incentive programs that I learned from several of your webinars; 1) a college that wanted to just put an ad spec item in a bag w/ no ROI measurement... to spend $10 per gift with no data on people getting the event bag made no sense at all. They loved the idea/program and plan to implement in Q4.  2) Pitched same program to a security salesperson. They loved the idea and are looking to try a pilot w/ 1 small region & if they see results they will consider having the entire North & South region participate. Potential business of over $100,000."

Randall Cooper, Visibility, Inc.
"I am veteran in the industry with billings of over $1 million a year for many years. I joined your program to take my sales to the next level. I am totally on fire with the sales plan you gave me. Before I joined the program I didn’t have a professional bio/executive summary to give to clients or prospects. Plus I now have an awesome prospecting campaign that gets me a 40%+ appointment rate. "

"Before your program I did not even want to pick up the phone to prospect. Now it’s like having a Latte every day. More importantly you have helped me land 4 new sales that will bill over $80,000 in just the couple of months since I joined your program. The Idea Webinars are key to my future sales growth. Your Team Sell Calls component made me realize how much better your expertise is than any trainer I have used in the past. It is absolutely incredible how well you interview a client to win business and how much I learned."

Bernie Maopolski,
"I have been in the industry for 12+ years with sales around $500,000 consisting mostly of apparel. I joined the program last fall and it has been the best investment in training I have made. I now have a five year plan, a professional prospecting campaign, and have learned to sell 10 new ideas/programs."

"My latest GORILLA sale success story is a $40,000 bank promotion that started with the professional prospecting campaign Ted helped me develop. Thanks to this, along with the confidence I gained by taking Ted’s Consultative Selling and Idea/Program Webinars, I landed a meeting with the bank President and ultimately sold a $40,000 promotion."

"I would highly recommend that you talk with Ted about his program. There is not another sales training program like it."

Jon Clark, President, Clark and Christopher Creative Marketing
"Ted, I wanted to share with you the great success your program has brought me. As you know I have an advertising agency that also integrates promotional products into client marketing plans.  At first I was skeptical if you had the knowledge to help me because the majority of promotional products salespeople are commodity salespeople and don't focus on relationship building. "

"You definitely proved me wrong with your expertise, and because of your retail coupon program that I learned about from one of your idea webinars, I landed a long-term relationship deal and $37,000 in commissions!  Not bad."

"I'm looking forward to your new TEAM Sell Calls feature in the program. The TEAM Sell will give me a big boost of confidence to know that you will help me make presentations to my clients and help me develop ideas to win more Gorilla Sales of $25,000+."

  "Ted...YOU ROCK!"

Todd Davies, MIR, Inc.
"Your newsletter campaign has been hugely successful in winning new assignments for me and others at my distributorship! "

Bruce Countryman, Bee Logo
"I am an experienced industry salesperson and was hesitant to think I needed training to grow my business. However, I knew if I did not push myself I would lose ground. When I talked with Ted about the program I realized how much I needed to learn to become a promotion consultant rather than a commodity distributor. I have been in this program for several months and Ted just helped me land a $45,000 Credit Union promotion. Without his program’s idea webinars I would have never closed this sale. His business plan also helped me focus my expertise and discover where money was to be made. If you want to learn to sell orders like this, call Ted."

John Rowe, PA Promotions
"Ted, please share this with anyone who is wondering whether they should spend the money for your coaching courses."

"I have been in the industry just about a year and have had a few experienced people try to show me the ropes. They all know what they are doing and make good money but something was not hitting home.  When I first looked at Ted’s course I thought that it was a lot of money and I was not sure. After reviewing Ted’s information, what he has done in the industry and what he still does in the industry, I decided to take his course. It was the best money I spent. Ted started with the 5 year plan that opened my eyes to what I really needed to do to succeed. With the plan in place Ted helped me formulate a game plan. That game plan utilized my past experiences to make me the expert in certain fields. I was no longer a new salesperson but was looked at as someone who knew what the client needed to fulfill their wants. This was accomplished by helping me improve my consultative selling skills with Ted’s 7 step interview process; this helped me develop a best practice prospecting campaign. Then Ted helped me sell a trade show promotion that resulted in a $28,000 order. Plus two other $50,000 projects I just picked up this week. I have a lot to learn from Ted and I expect he will help me sell another $500,000 in the next 10 months. I have doubled my production in the month and a half of working with Ted’s program. Two things that make Ted’s programs stand out from the others: (1) He gives you a plan so you have the right direction and knowledge to be successful and (2) his personal selling experience really makes a difference in how he teaches you step by step to sell these ideas offered in the Webinars. He gives you many pointers that only someone with great sales experience would know.  If you are sitting on the fence “JUMP” it is time to get started."

Jon Buckles, Kaeser Blair
"Ted Davies can be a huge help to you in both the short run and more importantly in the long run.  Buy his program and watch your sales increase.  He might help you land one huge deal or help you get one or more huge accounts that will enable you to retrieve your money a thousand times in return.  In working with Ted, he helped me see a much bigger picture.  You can’t go wrong in working with him. " 


David Thompson, Proforma Impact Graphics  
I have been working with Ted Davies now for about 5 months and without a doubt it has been the best thing I have done for my career in a number of years and for my business.  Ted has a number of money making programs that are both effective and unique. He has reminded me that in our business it is about standing out from the crowd and he has definitely provided me the tools to do just that.  As a example, I have been working on one sale that should it occur will be worth between $90,000 and $150,000 dollars all to be spent this year.  I have been awarded a $35,000 project using his methodology (not new stuff just a much better way of reminding us what it is we can provide to the client).  My plans are to be totally focused on using his material and resources to “get after it”.  I consider myself a “seasoned sales person” with over 27 years of selling experience yet this old dog has learned some new tricks." 

"Ted gives you real tools that will differentiate yourself from any other promo business, and more importantly, you will look at your business in a very unique and very exciting way. Please do not hesitate to contact me and I will expand further on why I have found Ted’s programs to be a true competitive advantage."

Jennifer Crowder, GR Promotions
"I understand that you are contemplating signing up for Ted's program. I'm a firm believer that school is never out for the professional. I would definitely stop contemplating and sign up NOW! Don't waste any time, because time is money! "

"I've known Ted for a little over a year now - and you won't find anyone with his Expertise/Knowledge and SUCCESSFUL experience in our industry "willing" to share the ideas that have made him successful. All I can say is - He's Fantastic!! It's well worth the money you spend. "

Naomi Bodway, The Source House
"What I think I admire the most about the program he offers, is the way it helped me to take the chaos of sales, and put it into a systematic, organized plan. I now have legitimate goals, and a well thought out road map to follow as I work to reach those goals. Ted has given me the tools and the confidence to work with larger accounts with a LOT more earning potential."

"Ted has helped me to define and focus my experience and talents in a way that makes the sales process more profitable and successful.  As a student in Ted’s at the summer ASI Show, I learned a TON and put that knowledge right to work!  As a result (even after having been in this business for over 20 years) last month was the best month I have EVER had….almost triple my usual monthly sales!  I would recommend Ted to anyone who wants to take their sales to the next level."

Todd Diskin, Embroidme
"I just wanted to give you a success story .  I have invested  in Ted’s program, and I just had my first success (others are in the works)."

"After starting Ted’s program, I started attending my BNI asking for referrals of companies who attend trade shows.  I received a referral two weeks ago of a startup company in the Skateboarding equipment industry who is attending a trade show on Sept 5th.  With Ted’s help, I was able to put together a program that will sell for just under $10,000.  They have another trade show in January, and if everything goes OK on this one, I will get more business then. How long does it take most salespeople to sell a $10,000 single order?  It took 1 ½ months to 2 months for me using Ted’s system, and it isn’t fully implemented yet."

"I was also privileged to attend Ted Davies advanced training program in Chicago which was a test group for his new program. This training in conjunction with his Coaching Program has opened up many brand new opportunities for our business.  Promotional Products count for $18 billion in sales a year, but what Ted teaches expands the opportunities to a much larger customer base and financial base while using promotional products to accent the offerings."

"My expertise up to this point has been apparel with a little exposure in screen printing and promotional products.  We understood how to quote promotional products, but didn’t understand how to sell it as a benefit to a company or to sell it as a true promotion.  That being said, we would lose out on business since we were quoting against other people quoting the same things, it was a race to zero margin.  Who was willing to give up the most? "

"Ted’s class in Chicago opened my eyes to the many opportunities that are available to distributors like myself that I had no I idea that were available.  It will allow my company to not only sell apparel, but also use it as an accent to other promotions as well as opening up new avenues of revenue. "

Steve Kennedy, Brand One
"Ted helped me build a great game plan, he helped me go after bigger companies, he helped me go after bigger projects and he helped me learn how to say the “right things” to customers to win big deals. Plus, he shared with me a lot of new ideas to present. He even walked the PPAI Expo show with me pointing out new ideas to sell. I expect my sales to increase $500,000  over previous year. My Q1  sales are up over $93,429.84 over Q1 last year. My selling margin increased from 31.7% Q1 to 38.5% Q1 . Yes, I had to make it happen but without Ted as my coach it wouldn’t have happened this fast nor would I have known the best ways to do it."

Tommy Joyce, Tommy's Printing
"Ted, the Trade Show Webinar was great.  I just had lunch with a sales manager who does 5 tradeshows each year and he is very interested. I also took your webinar presentation that is designed for customer use and it made for a great customer sales presentation…… Here is a follow up from my first meeting: I have just about got a signature for a $5,000 to $10,000 investment for the client’s trade shows. He does 3 shows per year. Ted, he is also providing me with fellow exhibitors who exhibit at shows he does. These are not competitors of his but folks he knows and feels they can use those things suggested in the presentations.  P.S. My sales are also up over $100,000 this year since taking your First Million Coaching program last fall."

Jim Nelson, Promotes Sales
"Ted Davies, program has exceptional ideas to assist anyone from rookie to industry veteran. He can enhance your current book of business or just help with a specific program. Well worth the investment to increase overall sales and profit."

Karen Johnson, KC Ad Specialties
"I just want to thank you for your recent advice on my self-promotion with the camelback bottles.  If I had not changed the design and message per your input, the promotion would not have been nearly so successful and well accepted."

"I also want you to know that your recommendation that I do a biography and mission statement to add to my proposals has truly changed how I am perceived in the marketplace with major accounts."

"My graphics artist is working on the changes you recommended on the website and I am sure that, too, will be of benefit."

"Maybe the most important thing you have done for me so far is the projections you have done for me outlining how best to achieve my goals."

"I also loved the way you broke down and reviewed my client list. I look forward to continuing our relationship and as to your charges, money well spent and returned ten-fold so far in sales."

Theresa Marrott, Bizimprints
"Thank you Ted. I love the interactive webinars. I learn so much. Sometimes my brain gets overloaded and I start thinking about who I can approach and how I can implement these ideas (sometimes I can’t sleep at night! Like today I’ve been up since 4 a.m.!) I have been building my “Idea” binder with all the information you have been sharing."

"Last week I went and visited one of my larger clients ….a gold mining company. I think I might have mentioned them to you. I came home with an $11,000 order for their company store which they have on site but always debut at their company picnic. They replenish several times a year. Anyway, when do you think you will have a webinar that deals with safety programs? This one location has over 2,000 employees and the other locations probably have about 1,000 to 1,500 between the three of them (all in the same area and I already have an in … just need some good ideas). They are constantly looking for ways to reduce LTA’s (Lost Time Accidents). There are also prestigious safety awards that these companies compete for based on employee safety and performance."

Ken Linkfield, LNX
"I am not one to comment a lot in the forum but I have to say thank you to Ted.  I sat in on his tradeshow webinar today and I do not think I have at any point in time spent my money in a better way.  In hindsight, I could have spent $500 and it would have been money well spent.  If you have the time and I know you have the money, join the webinar.  The ideas and the processes will offer the opportunity to sell an additional $100,000 in business."

Rick Badiner, Exec. VP, iPROMOTEu
"That was a terrific trade show webinar presentation along with great information. Again, thank you and a great presentation. "

Cindy Gibbs, Big Fish Branding
"I haven’t even had a chance to thank you yet…during one of our discussions you had mentioned the importance of promoting awards that I have won. I had never won anything much less considered entering any contests. Since our discussion, I submitted work to three national competitions and one regional competition and have received two awards! PROMO Magazine has named Big Fish Branding in it’s PROMO 100 list, the top 100 advertising and marketing agencies for 2008 (this from a magazine that I had not even heard of until you suggested subscribing to it). Big Fish Branding is ranked #71 on the PROMO 100 list and ranked #1 as the fastest growing company in a two year period. I also received an “Award of Excellence” for my Big Fish Power Pack self promotion entry with the Communicator Awards. Now I feel like I have a little more credibility to go after those larger accounts that we discussed. I’m currently putting together a PR piece to send out to my clients and prospects. Thanks again for all your guidance!!!"

"Oh, and anther suggestion that you made was to join AMA and I’m now an active member of the Colorado AMA and spear heading a “Book Club” which will include discussions on the hottest marketing books on the market…and making lots of contacts along the way. Have a great weekend."

"After sitting in on Ted Davies webinar for Tradeshow Marketing, I was quite excited.  This is what I was looking for. An approach, simple, direct, invigorating and clearly defined to break into a new area for me. Ted provides you with the powerpoint he talks from, and is very willing to answer your questions. I had an opportunity to incorporate some of what Ted went over with us to a prospective client. That lead to opening the door directly to the head of the company, I have a meeting set for next week and feel confident on eventually closing that deal.  If you have the opportunity to sit in on his webinars, I highly recommend it. It is money well spent!!"

Ellen Castaldo and Fred Sanders, Promo Xperts
"We have known Ted to be a very successful professional for many years and have called upon him to help us take our business to the next level. We know where we want to go and need help to get there.  In just a short time, Ted is analyzing our client base and is giving us creative ideas to generate sales.  Now our plan is in place and we have a more powerful approach.  We enjoying working with Ted, he is so upbeat and you can hear his passion in every word.  We are confident that success is just around the corner. We all need to keep the fire going but sometimes feel we are running out of matches. So, we highly recommend The program to anyone who needs that spark to achieve greater success in this industry and improve the quality of life. Thank you Ted for sharing your mission statement with us."

Mike Puskas, Datafold Marketing
"I would recommend Ted's program to anyone interested in expanding their ad specialty profits.  His ideas are clear, innovative and very "user friendly". Whether new or experienced in the promotion business, Ted's program will prove beneficial!"

Ernie Pohl, Cooper Ad/Albrecht & Company
"A few words about my experience with Ted Davies and his Program.  I knew I needed something.  I have been involved in the Premium and Promotion industry for more than 30 years, actively selling for about six years."

"I was in a rut, Ted's coaching forced me to look at me, my business and clients in an honest way - no rose colored glasses.  As a result of the program I can build my business knowing what to do, where to go and who to see.  It is not that tough all I have to do is to do it, make the commitment, I have the rest."

Joe Durand, MAS - Sr. Vice President Sales & Marketing

"Fields Mfg. endorses the program for Distributors in the promotional products industry.  The programs is proven to help promotional sales consultants reach higher sales and income levels.   Ted Davies, President has achieved the elite status of the top 1% of sales people in this industry. Now, he shares his own sales success by developing the program which gives sales people a road map on how to succeed in sales in the Promotional Products industry."

"He also helps salespeople take advantage of the Ideas presented in the Fields of Opportunity Volume II book! "

Bob Johnson, Marketing Incentive Resources, Inc.
"We utilized Ted Davies' "the program" materials for our entire sales force and found them to be comprehensive, practical and extremely effective in clarifying personal financial goals and the sales efforts necessary to achieve them. I would recommend the program for any individual or sales promotion company that is serious about the ongoing success of their sales representatives and business as a whole."

Philip J. Sibinski, PJS, Inc.
"I have worked with thousands of salespeople. Ted is an excellent sales executive. Ted truly UNDERSTANDS our business."

"Our industry is a great industry, but it lacks seasoned veterans, like Ted, who have sold millions of dollars successfully for decades, and who also have the desire and ability to present these techniques to others. I have every confidence that Ted will become one of the premier trainers in our industry."

David McCarthy, Promote It, Inc.
"The program would be an outstanding service to many members of the PPAI/Promotion Industry. I have experienced firsthand Ted's ability to provide sales training, industry training, and creative techniques in generating success."

Jim Sheppard, Promo FX, Inc.
"I have personally known Ted Davies since June of 1999, and can attest to his personal deportment, integrity, and demonstrated expertise in the Promotional Products industry. Since that first meeting where Ted was the facilitator of a general session at an Adventures In Advertising convention, I believed that he was a consummate professional, with the ability to offer access to strategies for success. My beliefs have not wavered since that first meeting."

Dan Williams, Greater China
"I can tell you from firsthand experience that the program will have an enormous impact on your selling skills and in sharpening your overall approach to business."

Todd Davies, Marketing Incentive Resources, Inc.
"The process that Ted has developed provides an industry salesperson with a complete plan on how to develop and grow their business."

"I know from personal experience that the process in the program works. It has provided me with the tools to develop and grow my business."

Gene Eherenfeldt, Eherenfeldt Company
"Many of the recommendations in the playbooks are used by Ted's clients and have been recognized by industry associations for Direct Marketing and Sales Performance Awards. There is no more valuable knowledge to impart to others than practical experience."

Al Kauder, CMS The Optimum Company
"I most particularly appreciate your creative concepts in acquiring sales appointments for your clients. The approach you use is so compelling that a qualified prospect will want to meet with your client's salespeople."

"If improved performance is important to a sales organization, I am convinced that Ted Davies has a solution for them."

Doug O'Leary, RDO Marketing
"Ted helps his clients sell better and sell more. He has consulted with literally hundreds of sales and marketing executives who have the same primary need-to increase sales. And Ted's award-winning programs do just that."

"More importantly, Ted lives his business mission every day. He plans to sell and then he executes-with a combination of discipline, persistence and passion."

"If you are responsible for invigorating a sales organization to accelerate your company's sales and profits, I encourage you to meet with Ted soon."

Larry LaRose, AIA/Promo
"The Promotion Coach is a "hands-on", practical tool encompassing 26 years of sales experience and over $100 million in client billings.  Furthermore, many of the recommendations in the playbooks are used by Ted's clients and have been recognized by industry associations for Direct Marketing and Sales Performance Awards.  There is no more valuable knowledge to impact to than practical experience." 

Larry Taylor, AIA/Taylored Promotions
"You have consistently presented yourself as a leader, focusing on successfully operating and growing your business.  As a Promotional Professional, your knowledge more than qualifies you for providing training products and training services to companies in our industry."

Douglas Watson, MAS AIA/Montgomery
"I've had a couple people call me about my experience using the program, so I thought I'd share it with all who are interested. I've been working with the system for a few weeks and it's been big asset. I'm using it to get myself positioned for a great year."

"If you're trying to reach the next level in sales, you need a plan. The good thing about TPC is that it's already written out with the formulas included. Ted Davies also does a good job walking you through the process. I've used other programs and I've learned something from all of them, but the program works better for me at this point in my business. "

Denis Marese, i PROMOTEu
"The program helps you to Plan your territory's sales and implement your plan. It’s an excellent program and helps salespeople take advantage of the Ideas presented in the Fields of Opportunity Volume II book!"

"Most promotional centered training focuses only on sales, however, “The Promotion Coach” program touches on our lifestyle and all parts of the business starting with retirement and time management to all aspects of the sales process.  This program has allowed us to focus on every part of our business and has encouraged us to think about things that we had never thought about before. Thank you Ted."

Victor Sperber, AD-Pro Marketing Service
"Thanks for the interview and the review of your program. I have never had any training in the promotional products industry and now you offer one that I wish was available when I was a lot younger. Better late than never!"

"And, you arrived at a good time. I’ve lost my bread & butter business (matchbook advertising) due to recent NJ laws banning all smoking in any public place. So, for me it’s like starting over. I’m ready!"