Our Community Fundraiser TM     

Raise Between $5,000 and $500,000

We are successful at what we do because we all have been where you are now: part of a non-profit group that needs to fundraise.

Whether you need school fundraising, sports fundraising, church fundraising, or any other type of non profit fundraising, we have done it.

We understand the importance of fundraising, and the challenges you and your group face. We got tired of doing car washes and bake sales that took all day and raised only a few dollars. So we developed unique, easy fundraiser programs that raised the needed funds, fast.Participation in our programs is simple, safe, efficient, and best of all, free! We are dedicated to helping achieve your financial goals and will help you succeed.

Our team of trained counselors have successfully helped organizations just like yours raise the most money in the least time. Let us help you raise more money than ever before! We will gladly work with your group and put your organization on the profitable track to funding raising.

 Mobile Fundraiser





Sports Team Coupon Card Fundraiser

 Grocery Savings Fundraiser

Resort Vacation Package Fundraiser

 OPOLY Game Fundraiser™

Energy Solutions Fundraiser™


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