Rocket Fuel Programmatic Marketing

Rocket Fuel Programmatic Marketing

Rocket Fuel is a global leader in Programmactic Marketing. They have grown to a $450 million company in 8 short years. Over 1500 of the worlds leading brands use Rocket Fuel. As well as 96 of the top 100 Ad Age Advertisers use Rocket Fuel.

Rocket Fuels secret sauce is a combination of its Large Global Data, Artificial Intellegence to find the right buyers and the ability to market to the right buyers at the right Moment display advertising.

Rocket Fuel can be used for Direct Response Marketing, Geo Fence your competitors customers then offer them a reason to buy from you, Display Ad directly to email are amongst the many applications.





Rocket Fuels Artificial Intellegence - AI


  • Rocket Fuels AI sees 99% of everyone gobally every day. That is all of search, all of social, your competitors sites and third party information sites.
  • The AI has the ability to learn up to 14 million behavioral attributes or each person both personal and professional.
  •  Before we launch a campaign we place tracking pixles on the cleints website to build a look a like customer model. This look a like customer model tells the AI who to market to in the geographic are we direct it to find customers. When we turn on the campaign it will lok at everyone then score them positive or negative. If positive then it begins to market to them with dispaly ads.No other technology has our AI. Most are static learning and have limited knowledge of the customer.




Rocket Fuel Moment Display Advertising

When Rocket Fuel starts displaying ads (Website, Mobile, Facebook or Video on over 10,000 websites) it knows the right time of the day, the right website, the right device and the right number of impressions to get the right engagement with this potential customer.

The combintion of Global Data, AI and Moment Marketing saves clients up to 75% of their Ad spend or up to 75% better ROI.


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