MMS Mobile Marketing

MMS Mobile Marketing


Getting your brand on your customers phone is the number one advertising/marketing opportunity for your busienss. Because you are connected to your customer 24-7-365.

Our program includes a Web App Icon on the Phone Home Screen.

We are also MMS not SMS. Our MMS broadcast can be an image of video.

We build the phone data base 4 ways

  1. We place our tablet with sign nad stand in your business so your customer can easliy enter thier nubmers into the data base
  2. Our Friend Referral Sharing wll double if not triple your data base by the customer either sharing using SMS or Facebook or Twitter
  3. We provide you a web phone to be place on your website, social sites or email so the customer can enter theri number and it goes right into the data base
  4. You may have a phone data base taht we can send an OPT in text


Mobile Coupons

You can control the nubmer of times a customer can redeem your offer


Mobile Friend Sharing

Friend Referral Sharing