Team Sell

Team Sell

The purpose of TEAM SELL is to provide Distributors turn key program services (not promotional product type sales). As a result, you will be able to sell projects from $10,000 to $1,000,000 or more. To make BIG sales you need a team of experts that includes: creative director, copy writer, graphic artist, print buyer, project manager, program administration manager and a portfolio of hundreds of case studies.

You also need the financial strength and business liability insurance to win bigger sales. Otherwise, your client will not believe you have the expertise and capability to handle BIG sales. With TEAM SELL, my agency Paradigm Partners, will team up with your Distributorship as your Creative and Production department to help you win BIG sales.

What's Included:

    1. Your Account List is built to Potentially Bill $2 Million
    2. We create a Prospecting Campaign that Gets You Meetings
    3. I go on customer calls with you to help you land program type sales
    4. After the customer meeting I will put together some program ideas to present to the client
    5. If the client is interested in the ideas then I will prepare a budget and final proposal for you
    6. When the customer say yes lets proceed. Then my team of creative writers, graphic artists, print buyers etc will help you execute the program. All billings and payables are taking care by your company
    7. You get to choose from 20 of 95 Live or Recorded Idea Webinars to learn Big Ideas to sell throughout the year
    8. You Get to select from 40+Newsletters and 60+ prospect letters to Market Your Business to Your Customers
    9. There are 100+ Exclusive/Creative Ideas/Programs to Sell
    10. We Give You Capabilities Power Points for B2C, B2B, Employee and Trade Show. So You Can Make a Professional First Impression


It’s a No Brainer - You Become a Promotion Company Over Night


Pricing Options


Retainer Fee: For all the services noted in 1-9 above. There is a $135 per month retainer fee for 12 months. Total $1,620 for the Year. I bill your CC the first of each month for $135.

Project Fee: Your Distributor does the billing and payables then there will be a Ted TEAM SELL fee built into the COGS (just like other costs such as copy, graphics, printing etc.). Then your Distributor will make 100% of the profit.

Below is an example of how it will work. The Ted TEAM SELL fee will vary depending on the project size and difficulty. I will bill the Ted TEAM SELL fee to your Distributor just like the other vendors. My terms are net 10.I have skin in the game because if you win I win. You lose I lose.


This an example of the Project Fee



 Printing Insert and Custom Packaging


Mail Services/fulfillment


Great Idea Button






Mailing Label








Total Cost


Selling Margin


Total Sell


Total Profit to Distributor


Examples of the 100 Cool Ideas You Could Be Selling